Electrical Engineering Challenges in 2016

19 Oct 2016

Electrical Engineering Challenges in 2016

In Ireland today, the issue of sustainability goes beyond just the use of clean and reliable energy; it involves many feats of engineering. As the global demand for electricity increases and evolves, so does the need for efficiency, customisation, and control. Power is a constant when it comes to our daily lives, from charging our computers and phones to heating and cooling our buildings; we require a continuous source of energy to keep things running. Electrical engineers face mounting challenges to provide us with sustainable and smart energy solutions.

The world is continuously transforming, and the latest technology is able to provide many solutions to the needs of a growing population and the matter of clean energy. Engineering can help solve many complex issues, though not without the support of novel technology like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and innovative design techniques like radiant heat. Reducing our carbon footprint requires an array of solutions that will work together to provide ample energy without compromising the natural environment.

The latest strategic sustainable development in the UK construction industry, exemplifies the need for cleaner production methods and bottom up leadership in order to succeed in meeting our goals for a sustainable future. With the ambitions of current administrations in 2016, and with the current plans the UK government has to meet the goal of zero carbon in all domestic and commercial buildings, developments in the electrical engineering field are more important than ever. Get in touch with professional consulting engineers to help improve energy management and efficiency for any building project.



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