Energy Efficiency in Buildings

4 Apr 2016

Energy Efficiency in Buildings In order to work towards the global standard for reduced emissions in buildings, the Build Upon project, has begun one of the largest collaborative efforts, with more than 150 organisations signed on. Greenhouse emissions from existing buildings create one of the largest environmental impacts in Ireland. Though agriculture and transport also contribute significantly to overall emissions, energy efficiency in buildings can be the greatest leverage in reaching Ireland’s environmental agenda.

Supporting the renovation of Ireland’s homes and commercial buildings to high standards of energy efficiency is important for environmental and economic prosperity, and the Irish Green Building Council facilitates this process in Ireland. Government and businesses need to collaborate on sustainable issues in order to meet the increasing and diverse range of environmental concerns, from construction to manufacturing. Green building represents a great opportunity to design our future with reduced environmental impact.

With a national strategy of energy saving objectives, and trainings implemented in the construction workforce, the country is set to meet high quality standards in energy performance. As leaders and experts in government and businesses meet in a collaborative community effort, they can work together to transition Europe’s existing buildings into sustainable buildings. Some of these improvements include using sustainably sourced materials, more efficient use of water resources, and building with resilience to climate change, as well as improving operational costs. From heating, to ventilation, to natural lighting, using innovative strategies to design buildings is important. Contact professional consulting engineers to help organise and improve renovations or new building projects.


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