Expanding Building Information Modelling in Europe

13 Jun 2016

Expanding Building Information Modelling in Europe

In Ireland and throughout Europe, the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) have grown in the past decade, and this growth has allowed the industry to better understand the details of a building from inside and out through the use of complex digital models. These models improve the design and building process, resulting in greater overall value and a better quality of life. With access to every detail before the process even begins, it allows the design and construction of a building to be smooth and flawless from the start.

This advanced technology makes it possible for everyone involved in the building process to access information and aspects of the design efficiently and effectively. The data from BIM provides better insight into every aspect of the space, structure and systems, and it minimises the costs and risks involved in a diverse set of building projects.

Alongside all of the advancements with BIM, the EU BIM Task Group has been bringing together clients, policy makers, and nominated industry advisers in order to find a common approach for the use of BIM initiatives throughout Europe. BIM is known to bring efficiency to public works, and it can be a driver for future growth. The purpose of the EU BIM Task Group is to create a unified approach to Building Information Modelling and to improve the value for money of public assets in the construction sector. With the integration of BIM and the technological advancements in the construction industry, there is greater potential for increased productivity and creating a more sustainable environment. Leading consulting engineers in Ireland can offer the best solutions and the latest innovations in BIM technology for more effective sustainable designs.


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