Explaining the Concept of Night Cooling in Construction

31 Jul 2018

Explaining the Concept of Night Cooling in Construction

In the modern construction industry, there are many new and emerging technologies that are allowing mechanical and electrical engineers to produce the lowest carbon footprint buildings ever. At Varming Consulting Engineers, we are major exponents of these new industry innovations that utilise the local environment to great effect, minimising the requirement for the use of conventional methods of power, ventilation, cooling and heating.

However, we also use tried and trusted methods that are so innovative that they stay relevant for years. One such technology that has been around for decades is that of night cooling, something that building designers have long used to help building owners to reduce their reliance on power hungry conventional HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

“How Does Night Cooling Work?”
Essentially, night cooling is achieved with a specially designed system takes advantage of cooler nighttime air to cool the exposed fabric of the building to effectively create a heat sink which in turn can absorb both solar and casual heat gains during the day. The difference that carrying out this daily purge makes can be a significant one, with an overall reduction in peak internal temperature of up to 3 degrees.

3 degrees may not sound much, but in terms of how it feels to the building user, it can greatly reduce, or completely eliminate the need for cooling from a mechanical source.

This method needs to be controlled centrally from the building management system, as the technology can be so effective at purging heat that it can result in the building needing to be heated again if over cooled.

Malahide Castle & Museums Refurbishment Project
Night cooling technology was used in the €8m Fingal County Council Malahide Castle & Museums refurbishment project, for which Varming was responsible for all matters relating to the design and implementation aspects of sustainable design. The project was completed in 2012 and can be viewed in more detail by following this link http://bit.ly/2J5cUY9.

If you would like learn more about night cooling or a range of other sustainable design techniques we offer, visit our website www.varming.ie or call head office on 01 4872300, where one of our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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