How Heat Pump Technology Offers Cleaner Heat Production

30 Nov 2022

How Heat Pump Technology Offers Cleaner Heat Production

The Varming team of building design experts and mechanical & electrical engineers are well-versed in all forms of heating and cooling technology. Today we're looking at heat pump technology that's able to create cleaner heat in that it doesn't emit CO2.

Traditional types of heating emit both carbon dioxide and air pollution due to being based on the combustion of carbon compounds like gas, oil and coal. So, let's take a moment to look at how heat pump technology differs. 

How Heat Pumps Heat Cleaner

A key feature of a heat pump is its ability to transfer and concentrate heat from one location to another, such as from outside a building to the inside. This is achieved using a compression cycle that concentrates the heat from outside and brings it up to the required inside temperature. 

As such, heat pump technology does not use combustion, meaning that no gases of any kind are emitted. This process represents a much more efficient use of electricity, as heat is transferred rather than being converted from electricity directly. 

How Heat Pumps Cool Cleaner 

Heat pumps are also able to provide cleaner cooling for buildings by transferring the heat out of buildings, reducing the reliance on powered HVAC systems. Ground source heat pumps take are able to take care of the task of cooling buildings efficiently, as heat will naturally escape to the cold ground when able to. 

Interestingly, a natural by-product of a clean cooling process using a ground source heat pump is an increased ground temperature. The storage of heat in this way allows it to be recycled back into the building during the colder months of the year. 

An example of when this technology was used by the Varming team came in the recent €1.1m Health Services Executive (HSE) project at Clonakilty Community Hospital when we were commissioned to design the M&E services installations for a 20-bed ward extension.

Energy-Efficient Solutions For a Cleaner Future

We’re committed to doing our part to make the Irish construction industry a cleaner one and heat pump technology is just one small part of that effort. If you’d like to see more examples of our past work in this area, simply visit us today at

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