Introducing Energy Efficient Design Management

6 Jun 2018

Introducing Energy Efficient Design Management

At Varming Consulting Engineers Ireland, we do a great amount of work in the field of energy efficiency in construction and in this article, we take a look at one particular aspect the work we do, known as Energy Efficient Design (EED).

So, what is it?

EED is governed by IS 399 from National Standards Authority of Ireland and it is something that will help businesses in Ireland save millions on investment projects over the coming years by providing a framework to achieve the greatest energy savings with the shortest payback.

Launched in 2014, the standard dictates that energy consumption is a factor that is considered from the very outset of building design projects, allowing newly created buildings to be as energy efficient as they can be, right from the start and all the way through their life cycles.

It can be implemented as a stand-alone management system or alternatively it may be integrated within ISO 50001 or ISO 9001.

Already Working

Rather than being a theoretical standard that is yet to see results in the real world, EED is something that is already providing companies with sustainable energy strategies and it is being employed by our Sustainable Design Team during the course of their daily work on client projects.

When energy is conserved from the beginning of a building’s operation, the savings in fuel costs increase exponentially with each passing year. When these savings are weighed against the nominal cost of the implementation of standards like EED, it soon becomes clear that not focusing on energy efficiency in this way is akin to throwing money away again and again, year after year.


Working alongside EED is EXEED, which is a certification that works on at a project level and is used to clearly mark the beginning, middle and end of a project. Both EED and EXEED are used in conjunction with each other and allow for the precise management of energy performance through the entire lifespan of buildings in Ireland and across the world.

Both will play a major part in a green future where the built environment has less and less of an impact on the natural environment.

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