Irish BIM Innovation Awards for 2016

29 Sep 2016

Irish BIM Innovation Awards for 2016

The Irish BIM Innovation Awards for 2016 are held by CITA and Irish Building Magazine. The International panel of judges are diligently working on the shortlist for the awards. It will be announced on October 25.

Building Information Modeling continues to become more popular and even necessary in the Irish Construction Industry. Projects are becoming more complex, and BIM innovations are helping to manage projects, communication, and information sharing. The aim of these awards is to capture the capability of the Irish Construction Industry to keep up with the increased BIM requirements on Irish construction and engineering projects.

Entrants are allowed to self nominate for consideration on the short list. Those who make it on the short list will have the honor of presenting alongside the keynote speakers. This is followed by an awards dinner where the winners are announced.

Any interested parties may enter the contest. Architectural and engineering companies are encouraged to enter the design category. Contractors, operators, and facilities managers may enter into the construction category. Clients, operators, and facilities managers are also encouraged to enter the asset management category. Entrants must demonstrate the innovative nature of their BIM project. A team is allowed to submit proposals within several categories, and organizations are also permitted to enter into different categories. Those who have participated in projects in the public sector are particularly encouraged to enter.

In addition to the three categories mentioned above, there is also a student category. This category is open to third and fourth year undergraduate students studying architecture, engineering, surveying and construction.



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