Nature Based Solutions (NBS) & How They Relate to Cities & Building Design

26 Jan 2021

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) & How They Relate to Cities & Building Design

The global climate challenges faced by M & E consulting engineers and building services design consultants have given rise to many new and exciting technologies and concepts. Concepts like Nature Based Solutions (NBS) have been developed as international bodies, governments and other stakeholders look for ways to move away from less eco-friendly engineering solutions.

Features like irrigation infrastructure and seawalls are just a couple of examples of the nature focused-solutions that could offer as much as 30% of the overall reduction that’s required to stabilise global warming below 2°C by the year 2030. In addition to this, NBS concepts also offer a robust defense against the on-going threat that climate change poses.

What Are Nature Based Solutions?
When building designers want to moderate the effect of heat waves, mitigate pollution, and capture stormwater, it can be hugely beneficial to city environments, as well as those who live there. Planting extra trees and creating green walls and roofs in urban areas can provide the required design effect, as well as also positively impacting the physical and mental health of residents.

What’s involved is basically a process of ‘re-naturing’ areas with little or no greenery, which not only helps to improve and beautify an area, but also makes them more suitable for wildlife and better able to improve air quality and reduce overall CO2 levels.

Introducing Biodiversity into Cities
NBS innovations are able to increase resource recovery and improving biodiversity is something of a win-win for both building owners and a city’s population. Nature Based Solutions essentially enhance the resilience of city areas - something that was covered during the ARCC conference in 2020. 

Varming director and Chartered Engineer Declan Alcock attended the series of one-day conferences as a speaker, providing the benefit of his near-20 years in the industry - highlighting our commitment to participating in the ongoing efforts to reduce the impact of buildings on the planet.

Nature Holds the Key In the Climate Change Battle
The application of NBS is extensive and the methods used can be key in fighting back against the global climate crisis. At Varming, we are 100% behind not only sustainable design, Net Zero buildings and NBS, but also anything that helps in the effort to reduce all impact construction has on the world we all call home.

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