Providing Services in an Honest and Transparent Way

11 May 2017

Providing Services in an Honest and Transparent Way

Varming Consulting Engineers Ireland has an extensive portfolio of large-scale projects. Each and every project we have met and overcome different requirements and challenges to become a leader in our field of expertise.

Our work has involved governmental, commercial, residential, retail and leisure sites, to name but a few.

We have always embraced the latest and most efficient working practices, which is what led us to adopt Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. BIM brings construction into the 21st century and is the cornerstone for transparency of operation in the industry.

100% Visibility

The collaborative features that BIM offers, mean that our projects benefit from input from all parties from inception to completion. This level of visibility plays a major part in keeping all stages of design, construction and building maintenance as cost and energy efficient as they can be.

An Ever-changing Marketplace

As a company that has been around for over years, we have had to change with the times and the evolving challenges set by our clients. Whatever purpose a site is designed for, be it retail, residential or recreation, we are passionate about delivering the safest, most energy efficient and cost effective solutions around.

Whatever your requirements or scale of the project, Varming Consulting Engineers have the scope, insight and expertise to deliver the best results.

For more information on what we do, who we are and everything in between, visit our website at or call us our Dublin HQ on 01 4872300.



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