Sustainability and Urban Design

17 Oct 2016

Sustainability and Urban Design

Our urban infrastructure is one of the most important investments for a safe and healthy future. The World Urban Campaign (WUC) advocates for positive change and raising awareness for green and productive cities. When it comes to sustainable building, our cities can provide the biggest opportunity for global improvement. As the world continues to change and grow, and major cities from Dublin to London expand in population, architects, engineers and developers have the responsibility of designing the best infrastructure for these rising demands. In the next few decades, the urban population is expected to double, and “more than 60 percent of the built environment needed to accommodate these new urban dwellers by 2030 has yet to be constructed.” This means there is a great amount of progress required over the next decade.

The hope is that cities of the future will be constructed for this new age, one where inhabitants will have improved working and living environments all while protecting the planet. Technology today offers a unique opportunity to overcome any obstacles and construct a truly sustainable infrastructure. With proper planning, builders can solve many problems that may have been impossible in the past, and it can help make our cities and communities cleaner and more easily maintainable. We need approaches that address more than basic structural problems and answers that meet the needs of the future, with greater concern for climate change and economic prosperity.

Sustainable building includes reusing and recycling materials to help reduce emissions. With designs that help replenish our natural systems, this allows for a better relationship between buildings and the environment. In the commercial industry, the approach to sustainable design further incorporates production and manufacturing in addition to basic energy performance. Contact professional consulting engineers in Ireland to help improve the design and construction of any sustainable building project.



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