The Future of Building Services Engineering

3 Dec 2015

The Future of Building Services Engineering

Building Services Engineering is the field responsible for the design, specification, installation, operation, and monitoring all of the mechanical, electrical and public health systems necessary for the safe and environmentally friendly operation of buildings. In Ireland, the future of building engineering is aimed at benefiting the cause of renewable energy growth and energy efficiency.

The global population is increasing and, as the building sector grows, the initiatives behind climate action are appealing to this sector to double the rate of energy efficiency improvement and implement best practices, in order to create safer working and living environments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Building services engineers work closely with the construction sector, including architects and structural engineers, and are key to influencing the design and building to properly address global environmental concerns.


Within this field, many new roles are emerging in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability, low carbon technologies, and energy management. With the threat of buildings accounting for up to 50% of all carbon emissions by 2050, building services engineers play a significant role in preventing climate change. Sustainable development and building engineering entails wide ranging policies that serve the future and provide a smart way of living, working, and consuming energy. As one of the wealthiest, this sector offers one of the most economically beneficial paths for reducing energy demand and supporting adaptation.

The practice of sustainability addresses the ability of societies to maintain and improve quality of life while preserving both the quality and availability of its natural resources. To meet these demands in Ireland,
consultants for sustainable development and smart building design are becoming vital resources to ensure the design, construction, maintenance, and everyday operations of modern buildings will help reduce any environmental harm.



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