The Sustainability Principles in Varming Buildings

18 Apr 2017

The Sustainability Principles in Varming Buildings

Varming Consulting Engineers are known as leaders in advanced energy and environmental modelling for sustainable building design. Our future-proofed building designs incorporate green building techniques and use industry leading tools, which enables us to deliver projects over and above the minimum industry regulatory standards.

It is this expertise and knowledge that will protect our clients’ asset value and will make the move to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) that much smoother.

Extensive Design Expertise

Our dedicated sustainability team have the knowledge and skills to provide services in the following disciplines:

  • *LEED PRM Energy Modelling

  • *BREEAM International Assessments for new construction and major renovations

  • BREEAM AP to provide expert guidance to the design team with regards to sustainability, green design and environmental assessment

  • Passive House Design

*BREEAM and LEED are recognised standards for buildings which adhere to best practice sustainability principles

Other leading edge working practices are part of our extensive engineering building services skillset, which includes:

Passive House - The industry’s highest thermal performance standards are adhered to, using our passive house designer. They will guide you through all stages of your project, from design to construction. Future-proofing buildings is the smart move as the industry continues to move at such a fast pace.

Building Performance Simulation - We have the tools to take building concepts and make them realised in 3D form. Using BIM modelling, accurate predictions on factors, such as energy efficiency and carbon emissions can be made, avoiding needless reworks at a later date.

Varming Consulting Engineers are long time members of The Association of Consulting Engineers Ireland (ACEI). This industry body sets the most stringent of standards and our accreditation with them is an assurance of the quality we provide.

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