Varming: An Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer

1 Aug 2022

Varming: An Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer

Hello and welcome to the latest blog from Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd.. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve been re-accredited as an Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer for the maximum three-year period - achieving the highest level of compliance (Level C accreditation) in all 7 criteria.

This is a testament to the ongoing commitment of our management and staff to the CPD process, something we’ve been accredited for since 2005. As a result, our team is continuously upskilled, allowing us to learn, grow and adapt to industry changes.

Why Is Being an Engineers Ireland CPD-Accredited Employer Important?

The strategic framework provided by the Engineers Ireland CPD system enables engineers and engineering employers to raise competency levels. The employer benefits not only by being seen as a company that values staff development but also in the tangible advantages that come from having a better-skilled workforce.

Our role as an Engineers Ireland CPD-Accredited employer involves:

  • Cultivating a culture that promotes & facilitates adaptability & learning

  • Participating in the CPD-accredited employer scheme

  • Putting in place CPD support systems 

  • Implementing good CPD practices

  • Recognising & celebrating achievement

Our participation in this CPD scheme allows us to recognise achievement officially and enable our engineers to gain professional titles like Chartered Engineer and allow them to access accredited higher education courses at institutions across Ireland. 

Empowering the Success of Our Engineers

We’re proud to enjoy this status as an employer for the next three years, and we will continue to support the empowerment of our staff now and in the future. To learn more about us and what sets us apart from our competition, visit us today at

Alternatively, to speak to us about anything discussed here or the details of your next building project, call our friendly team on 01 4872300, and we’ll be more than happy to assist.



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