Varming Consulting Engineers Portfolio - University Hospital Galway

26 Feb 2018

Varming Consulting Engineers Portfolio - University Hospital Galway We are very proud of all of the projects we have carried out for our clients at Varming Consulting Engineers over the past 70+ years. We are currently involved in a large scale project at University Hospital Galway. The project in question began in September of 2017 and is expected to take around 4 years to complete.

After having carried out extensive work previously for the Hospital in recent years, our m & e consulting engineers were selected by HSE West Estates as leaders for building design, site monitoring and building regulations for the decentralisation of the heating system.

Removal of Existing Steam Generating Plant

One of the primary tasks we are concerned with at this present time, is the removal of the current steam generating plant, heat exchangers and MTHW distribution network. After this phase is complete, it will be replaced with highly efficient gas condensing boilers housed in local boiler houses, fed by rooftop and underground natural gas pipes.

These works will be performed across the whole campus area and will be carried out in the following phases and in the order shown:

A new gas network around the site to each predetermined plant room location for connection of a local heating system. Heat meters to be provided on the LPHW side of the heating systems to allow monitoring and recording of energy usage over time.

New package boilerhouses to be provided for Blocks 2A, 2C and the Stem Cell buildings.

New boiler systems to be provided in the local plant rooms, either package boilerhouses or in new structures.

Disconnection of the existing MTHW plant, steam plant and decommissioning of redundant equipment.

Convert or replace Local steam generating equipment for sterilisation of clinical equipment and laundry, with new electrical or gas fired plant.

After most of the heat load has been taken off the existing heating infrastructure located in the central boiler house, the entire system will be removed and replaced with a low pressure heating system.

These extensive works will be carried out using the latest sustainable design methods and will ultimately prove to be another example of how we, at Varming Consulting Engineers, provide our clients with the means to work more energy efficiently and with less impact on the local environment.

We are committed to embracing all aspects of sustainable design, as we believe it is the only viable path for a modern and environmentally friendly construction industry. If you would like to know more about what we do, head over to our website where you’ll find other numerous examples of our past work in this field.

Alternatively call us at our Dublin HQ on 01 4872300 for a chat with one of our expert team.


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