Varming is a Member of CITA

7 Dec 2016

Varming is a Member of CITA

CitA was initially established as a research project for the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2001 in association with the Waterford Institute of Technology. It was designed to help harness the power of ICT in the Irish Construction Industry.

In 2005, CitA became a not for profit company. CitA membership is open to members of the construction industry who share CitA’s goals and would like to participate in helping to move the Irish Construction Industry forward. Varming is proud to be a member of CitA.

CitA holds monthly and annual events to share the latest information on technology trends. These conferences also give members a chance to network with their peers and learn from leading experts in the field.

They also improve the construction industry by offering training grants from Skillnets Ltd for construction courses. These grants are available to those who are unemployed as well as those who would like to upgrade their skills. An average of 400 participants receive this training every year, and 50% of the unemployed participants find employment after the training.

CitA has links with many other professional organizations of the AECO sector. ACEI, CIAT, Engineers Ireland, Law Society, the University of Limerick, and many others are closely involved in the design of monthly events, and each organization also chairs an event.

CitA BIM Education Forum was set up in 2014 to allow CitA and other partners in the BIM Group to discuss thoughts and opinions on BIM in Education. This also allows them to discuss what other organisations are doing in terms of pilot projects.


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