What Are Copper-Silver Ionization Water Treatment Systems?

20 Aug 2021

What Are Copper-Silver Ionization Water Treatment Systems?

Disease and infection control has been brought very much into the public eye over the last 18 months or so, with Covid-19 causing severe disruption around the world. One effective method of controlling the spread of pathogens is the use of copper-silver ionisation water treatment systems. This system is known to be an extremely effective disinfection method for hot and cold water systems without causing corrosion to pipework systems and has proven to be environmentally friendly.

The need for disease control in healthcare settings is perhaps more important than anywhere else and copper-silver ionization systems are able to achieve this, whilst also offering vital cost-savings in an industry where budgets are often limited.

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution
Keeping water constantly hot takes an awful lot of energy, but it’s often necessary in hospitals to keep water-borne pathogens and bacteria under control. This is not only bad for the environment, but it costs money that many healthcare establishments don’t have to spare.

Copper Silver ionisation is a dispersive process that introduces stable, positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system. The ions bond electrostatically with negative sites on bacterial cell walls and denature proteins. This means that ionisation disperses and destroys biofilms and slimes that can harbour Legionella bacteria, which can be inaccessible to other disinfectants

Copper-silver ionisation systems also eliminate the need to use toxic chemicals like chlorine to control bacteria and biofilms, which is obviously much less environmentally friendly. These two benefits are clear and obvious to healthcare providers, which is what led us to use the solution on the University Hospital in Limerick project we were involved with in 2020.

Eco-Friendly Solutions in Building Design
At Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd., our building services design consultants use sustainable solutions whenever possible in all our client projects. Covid-19 has presented many new challenges for society and we’re proud of the fact that the work we do helps to make buildings safer for everyone. 

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