What You Should Know About BREEAM

2 Jun 2016

What You Should Know About BREEAM

In Ireland and all across the globe, BREEAM helps local developers create sustainable communities and green buildings. It is the world’s leading and most credible assessment method for sustainability, and it utilises the latest development methods, from new construction to upgrades and refurbishments.

Launched in 1990, BREEAM now boasts more than 542,000 certified developments. The central idea is to promote sustainable value, innovate with updated technology, and to make effective use of resources. Not only does this benefit the planet by creating sustainable environments, but as a cost-effective means of development, it also creates attractive property investments. By enhancing the world’s infrastructure while at the same time increasing the value of the environment, developers and residents alike will benefit from the progress BREEAM provides.

With so many buildings having won BREEAM Awards, these projects are comprised of some of the best in building design, modern construction, and providing innovation all throughout Europe. At this year’s awards a new category has been added, with the BREEAM New Talent Award. More and more talent has been making its way into the area of sustainable design. Making the investment in BREEAM means having more savings in energy and water bills. Research shows that sustainable developments with the added benefit of meeting BREEAM standards add benefit in many ways, such as reduced operational costs and increased property value. Contact professional consulting engineers for assistance with energy management and to design BREEAM certified buildings of the future.



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