Why Isolated Power Supply (IPS) Is Required In Healthcare Settings

8 Aug 2022

Why Isolated Power Supply (IPS) Is Required In Healthcare Settings

At Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd., we have been involved in many projects in the healthcare field, therefore we have extensive expertise in this area. Today we’re here to talk about Isolated Power Supply (ISP) or Medical IT Systems and why they are required in healthcare settings. 

What Is An Isolated Power Supply System?

An IPS System is one part of a multi-faceted solution provided in a Group 2 medical locations to ensure the continuity of supply while offering the highest degree of protection to the patients being cared for. Group 2 medical location as defined by I.S. 10101 are locations where applied parts are intended to be used in applications where discontinuity (failure) of the supply can cause danger to patients.

In conjunction with an uninterrupted power supply system, an IPS System maintains continuity of the electrical supply while reducing the likelihood of electrical shocks in Group 2 medical locations. 

The system continually monitors the circuit protective devices, earth faults, insulation resistance of the unearthed connected electrical network as well as the temperature and the current of the Isolation Transformer. If any of the components of the system are found to be working outside of their normal operation petameters an alarm is raised to identify the issue to a member of the clinical staff.

This technology is something that Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd. implemented in the recently completed project at Merlin Park University Hospital’s new orthopaedic theatre block. Both IPS and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technologies were used to safeguard patients. 

Delivering Exceptional Results For Over 75 Years

Varming consultants have been delivering exceptional client project results for over 75 years, and IPS is just one type of technology that’s employed to meet the safety requirements in healthcare settings. If you’d like to know more about us and the work that we do, visit us today at www.varming.ie

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