Galway Racecourse Tote Building

02 August 2016

Varming Consulting Engineers were recently appointed by Aecom’s Single Point Project Team as Building Services Engineers associated with the Design and Site Monitoring of the Galway Racecourse Tote Building project including BCAR compliance.

The project consists of the design and construction of the new Tote Building of approximately 2,000m2. The proposed new building design is organised around a central ground floor Tote Hall with a total of 30 tote windows internally arranged over 3 sides and a betting shop on the 4th side, the internal hall will be a double height hall.

The first floor is given over to a large champagne bar, with a long bar centred on the north elevation flanked by toilets and back of house space. The south elevation fronts onto a covered external terrace overlooking the Betting ring and Parade Ring as well as the track.

Systems to be provided will include gas fire boilers, air conditioned and BMS system, heat recovery ventilation, heating & radiant panels, high efficiency lighting, UPS systems, TV system, information technology, high level of security systems and protective services.

The project will commence in September 2016 and will be completed by the end of August 2018.

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