Varming Consulting Engineers celebrates 75 years in business

19 February 2021

This year Varming Consulting Engineers celebrates 75 years in business. Jorgen Varming, the noted Danish engineer, founded his consulting engineering practice in 1933 in Copenhagen. He established the Irish office of Varming Consulting Engineers in Dublin in 1946 to undertake a range of commissions for the Irish Transport Company (Coras Iompair Eireann), and since then we have provided the mechanical and electrical services design, and sustainability consultancy for many iconic buildings.

Since this first appointment more than 75 years ago, the Varming Irish practice has played a central role in the advances which have taken place in the development of building services design applications, and sustainable building design in Ireland. Over that long period of time, the Varming practice has amassed a highly impressive project portfolio. Many of our projects showcase evolving design techniques and innovative solutions, which were developed to address the wide range of complex challenges posed in creating different building environments along with addressing the carbon, energy and wellbeing requirements of a more sustainable built environment.


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