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Climate Objectives are Realistic with Energy Efficient Buildings

8 Jan 2016

Climate Objectives are Realistic with Energy Efficient Buildings Energy use in buildings is a huge contributor of harmful emissions in Ireland, further contributing to global warming. Without any action against this trend, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to double by the year 2050. After the COP21 in Paris, the international community is taking further steps to address climate change and Sustainable Development Goals.

In future strategies, climate objectives are realistic with energy efficient buildings. Achieving global objectives related to sustainable energy and infrastructure with better buildings can make significant contributions addressing climate change.

Though it is an issue that has been largely ignored in the past, the current acknowledgement at the COP21, including dozens of new national climate plans that will include building efficiency components, speaks to the potential of the future. The United Nations and dozens of governments, businesses and non-profits hosted ‘Buildings Day’ in December. The new Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction is an initiative designed to spread the adoption of the current and best policies, by using the most efficient building materials, strategies, designs and technologies around the world.

The buildings sector is an important part of achieving global climate and sustainable development goals. Improving buildings is also a better choice for economic reasons, by helping to create new jobs in clean technologies and increase the value of local infrastructures. Join in the efforts of climate objectives with energy efficient buildings, and contact local consulting engineers in Dublin for more details.


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